Risk Disclosure

Buckscapital.com, which operates under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, complies with Islamic and Sharia-based financing and investment principles, and abides by applicable international conventions and ethical standards.

By accredited users, we mean project operators and investors, all of whom have: (1) confirmed their thorough understanding the crowdfunding mechanics, as stipulated in the Buckscapital.com policy; (2) duly accepted the fact that even as Buckscapital.com exercises due diligence and utmost care in the delivery of its services, external factors can disrupt or alter any or all of the positive forecasts provided; and (3) expressly declared their willingness to absorb all risks associated with their property investment.

Accredited users are fully aware that within and outside of the Buckscapital.com platform: (1) the management, official representatives, staff, associates, and/or referral partners of Buckscapital will never endorse particular projects; and (2) any statement on specific investment opportunities and/or crowdfunding prospects is solely for illustration purposes, and should not be construed as favorites or preferences over others in the Buckscapital.com portfolio.

All investment opportunities in the Buckscapital.com portfolio cannot be equated with publicly traded securities and liquid investments. Rather, these must be treated as “private” placements that undergo holding periods, and which are neither guaranteed nor insured against loss in value.

In general, crowdfunding involves the collective effort of “backers” or sponsors who support initiatives that require financing.

Transactions are made mostly through online platforms or portals, which are responsible for:

  1. Formulating policy
  2. Establishing a funding mechanism and feedback loop
  3. Implementing rules and conditions
  4. Examining and vetting projects
  5. Accepting monies on behalf of recipients
  6. Maintaining the payment gateway
  7. Distributing the sourced funds appropriately