by Ashraf mohammed, from Dubai - United Arab Emirates

GOAL $300000   

MAX HEALTH is the region’s truly health concept restaurant chain with Organic Focus ! PURPOSE - Our Purpose is to help people live healthier, happier life by offering safe, wholesome, and nutritious food that improve their health. All our activities must be judged by our success in achieving this.

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Project Description


Super charge your health !

MAX HEALTH  is  the region’s truly  health concept restaurant chain with Organic Focus !  

You are what you eat. According to prominent researchers, wrong dietary habits and unhealthy food are the leading causes of  a wide range of health issues. Yes, the food we consume  can be  either  medicine  or  toxin. Unfortunately,  a huge  percentage of population continue to eat food that are unhealthy. Healthy living not only makes you feel good, but it can keep you from experiencing many diseases and health conditions. Obtaining adequate nutrition is an essential part of living a healthy life. Poor nutrition can result from failure to eat enough or failure to choose the right kinds of foods.

Human beings gain their nourishment from food and drink. These are consumed at various times during the day. The body gets its supply of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber from the food that it consumes. The human body has particular requirements when it comes to nutrition. Unhealthy eating effects are largely seen on people who eat a lot of junk food that also tends to negatively affect their health.

The USDA   food pyramid provides recommendations on amounts to consume from each food group to attain proper nutrition. Failing to choose a balanced diet full of nutritious foods increases your risk of developing many preventable diseases. It is sad fact that most food you eat outside home is not perfectly healthy, although they taste good. Unfortunately, taste is not the primary criteria for healthy eating.


It’s a  fact that food offered at  conventional   eateries are  generally  about  30%   higher in unhealthy fats & they often  contain  harmful ingredients, including “endocrinal disruptors”.  Although such ingredients have been approved by the  FDA  as GCS (Generally Considered  as Safe), they can pose health risks  in  the long-term. Restaurant   food often  contain unhealthy ingredients such as additives, flavoring & coloring agents, hidden sugars, excessive low grade  sodium, toxic saturated fats and so on.   Often,  the food industry uses (sometimes subtle) tricks to make a sale. Selling is its job, after all.

The major causes of death, illness, and disability in which diet and nutrition play a key  role include coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, atherosclerosis, acidity, obesity, fatty liver,  some forms of cancer, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, dental caries, gall bladder disease, dementia and nutritional anemia. The  list is long.

Unhealthy eating is defined as any eating habit that does not effectively fulfill the requirements of the body. It can be interpreted in both ways as a deficient diet or as an excessive diet. Unhealthy eating diseases do not manifest themselves directly, but through conditions  such as  rapid weight gain or weight loss, low energy levels over a prolonged period, and   poor general health.

For example, unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S. due to nutrition- and obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. In the last 30 years, obesity rates have doubled in adults, tripled in children, and quadrupled in adolescents. Globally, about  30% of the populations is diabetic and roughly 40%  suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Roughly 20% of women suffer from PCOD and 15%  battle IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Disruptive chemicals & hormones entering the body through food has a role in triggering such disorders. 

 Against this background, we  are  seeking  to  offer wholesome food  to help people live healthier, happier life.  Yes, food that are healthier than even home-made dishes !  This  is a mission-driven enterprise. We aim to  guide people to healthier life and help them to  be  less dependent on unnecessary  medications. 

Our  Purpose  is to help people live  healthier, happier life  by offering safe, wholesome, and nutritious food  that  improve their health. All our activities must be judged by our success in achieving this.

Our  first  mission is to grow to be a unique, great enterprise with  outlets in all GCC  nations.  We aim to be the most respected and admired business entity in this particular segment of the hospitality industry by the year 2020.  


  1. Our  fundamental, inviolable values and beliefs are these:
  2. We intend to make a contribution to society by promoting a healthy way of life.
  3. We believe that good business is built by creating value-based relationships, honoring commitments,  and maintaining integrity.
  4. We are dedicated to quality; Quality in products, service, and relationships.
  5. We believe that we must respect, value, and serve not only our customers, but also our employees, suppliers, and our community;   We must be concerned about  and contribute to their well-being. All our efforts are based on this belief.
  6. Since our success as an enterprise depends entirely on integrity, ethics, excellence, hard work, innovation, and concern for our customers’ needs & expectations, we value these qualities most highly. We are committed to their pursuit.
  7. Although profit is essential for our survival, it is not the sole purpose of our activities; Our profits must come from our dedicated contribution to society.
  8. We are committed to fulfill  our obligations to the best of our ability with the help of God Almighty.
  1. To offer safe, wholesome, and nutritious food that improve people’s health. 
  2. To promote the concept of healthy living in society.
  3. To become a trend-setter and a pioneer in the  health food business .
  4. To enhance the awareness of health hazards posed by junk food and guide people to healthy eating habits.
  5. To generate healthy ROI to shareholders by sustaining a motivated workforce and adhering to ethical practices.
  6. To set an example in the hospitality industry by dealing in 100% safe and healthful products and by fulfilling obligations in all relevant areas of corporate social responsibility.



Overview of the menu

All the food will be 100% healthy & free from harmful ingredients. Everything will be prepared by using the highest quality ingredients, which means all our food will be safe & nourishing to every kind of  consumer – from kids to  the aged; and those suffering from health   issues like Diabetes, CVD, IBS  and  so on. Organic products and ingredients  will be used  to the maximum. Conventional items such as sugar, sodium, food colors, additives & flavoring agents, common unhealthy oils, harmful fats are all  totally excluded in our list. There will be  a calorie count on every dish, making it easier for  eaters  to watch their  intake. Custom made, nutrient loaded beverages& snacks  will be available  for the health conscious  people & those having medical conditions. In brief, our food will be medicine to perfectly nourish the body.


The project is promoted  by  a  team   of   highly qualified  professionals  based in the UAE  for over three decades. Most of them possess extensive experience and thorough knowledge in the  Hospitality / F&B  industry.

The chief promoters  Mr. P.M. Ashraf & Mr. Mohammed Ashraf are Dubai based businessmen successfully running their companies. Mr. P.M. Ashraf has been engaged in  Sea  Food business  for  nearly  20  years. His  Co.  “Socotra Sea Foods” ( enjoys excellent reputation in the local market. Socotra is a major supplier to a large number of five star hotels as well  as high-end restaurants

Mr. Mohammed Ashraf is operating a Logistics  Co.  at  JAFZA. He is a veteran of 40 years in the UAE who had previously headed the  Supply Chain Head of some reputed organizations. His Logits firm “AAA Logistics is”  ( is now among the trusted &   widely respected in the local market. 

Both of them are  respected for their business acumen,  personal integrity and moral rectitude.

Competitive Advantages

  1. Promoters’  extensive supplier contact / built  relationships in the F&B  Sector  that will  help in effortless  supply chain management.
  2. Powerful knowledge base  
  3. Easy access to IT solutions owing to a promoter’s existing IT firm
  4. Quick & continuous access to Financial Management solutions because one of the  promoters  is a  Financial  expert.


  1. Low risk  and  high growth  business owing to rising number of consumers as well as increasing health  awareness among  global population
  2. High profit  rate (among the highest in F&B  industry) owing to  outstanding quality coupled with Niche  Brand  image.
  3. Great  Potential for  integration to achieve healthy growth
  4. No probability of   cash-flow crisis owing to the absence of   credit sale


The UAE is one of the world's leading F&B markets, with a market size measured by Euromonitor at Dh52.4 billion in 2015. Recent Euromonitor data suggests that growth in revenue between now and 2020 is likely to outstrip growth of outlets by around 30 per cent. Some of this is predicated on continuing strong tourism growth in the UAE in the run-up to Expo 2020. The quality and appeal of the concept is what will ultimately determine success.

According to KPMG's 2016 UAE Food and Beverage Report, the UAE  continues to expand its mix of F&B offerings and the number of residents opting to eat out more frequently is steadily rising, indicating the continued resilience of the segment.Nearly two-thirds of a recent survey’s respondents are spending more than last year.

The report also found that there is a consistency in the way consumers chose restaurants - once again, they rated quality of food and service among the  key factors determining the choice of restaurants. Consumers indicated that travel time is not a key consideration when choosing restaurants. Nearly two thirds of survey respondents are willing to travel for more than 20minutes to get to their choice of restaurant.

While the UAE's food and beverage market may have been impacted by changing macro-economic conditions, the sector continues to benefit from the UAE's positioning as a major global tourism and retail destination with opportunities for new concepts and restaurant formats.

According to researchers,  to stay successful in the longer term, F&B operators must get the basics right - from identifying the right concept to delivering high-quality food and service.

In brief, the market looks quite promising to the concept that we are seeking to promote.

How fund will utilize

Pre-operative expenses                                   $  66,116.00  
Rent for 6 months                                            $  21,000.00
Initial Business Development expenses       $  25,000.00 
Business establishment expenses                 $  20,000.00  
Sub  Total                                                       $  132,116.00

Working Capital for 6 months                      $  167,884.00  
Total  6 Months                                             $  300,000.00

Utility / Payroll  6 month                               $  57,060.00
Cost of production  6 month                        $  97,824.00
Management fees  6 month                          $  13,000.00

6 month's  Total (of the 3 above)                 $  167,884.00

Monthly revenue                                          $  40,760.00
revenue 6 months                                         $  244,560.00
Cost of production 40%                               $  97,824.00
cost of sales - 6 months                                $  244,560.00

Project FAQs

Q. What’s this  health restaurant about  ?  

A.  Our objective is to  offer wholesome, 100% pure & natural food to  the communities  to help them live healthy w/o reliance on avoidable   medications. As a complementary goal, we also intend to  constantly share health related info based on latest research to promote healthy lifestyle & dietary habits via a dedicated portal. This restaurant will solely focus on food that promote health. Hence we will never use any sort of harmful / toxic products –hidden or direct – event if  these are legally permissible. We don’t believe in taking advantage  of legal loopholes and deceiving  the consumers for profiteering. Conventional items such as sugar, sodium, food colors, additives & flavoring agents, commonly used  unhealthy oils,  harmful fats are all  totally excluded in our list. There will be  a calorie count on every dish, making it easier for  eaters  to watch their  intake. Custom made, nutrient loaded beverages & snacks  will be available  for the health conscious  people & those having medical conditions. In brief, our food will be medicine to perfectly nourish the body.   

Q. Why have you chosen this concept while most  conventional restaurants are thriving ? 

A.  First, this  is a mission-driven enterprise. Our sole aim is not profit making alone, although it’s vital for survival. We aim to  guide people to healthier life and help them to  be  less dependent on unnecessary  medications by  popularizing this concept. Second, health awareness has been steadily on the rise lately. Prominent health restaurants like  Evos, Nora, and Amanda’s have been succeeding quite impressively. Which means this concept is here to stay.

Q.  How qualified  is  the promoting group to manage this?  

A. The  mavens  promoting this venture possess extensive local experience (20 – 40 years); mostly in the  F&B industry. Two of them are MBA &  Senior  Assessors of  EFQM /  Dubai Quality Award;  which means they have in-depth  management knowledge – both practical & theoretical.  The two chief promoters P.M.Ashraf & Mohammed Ashraf are  running  own business in Dubai, who are trusted by a large section of the local business community. It is easy to check their profile & verify credibility.          

Q.  How can I trust  you and invest with confidence ?  

A. Part of the answer has been given above. Everything about this venture  is  transparent. Anyone can visit the chief promoters’ companies in Dubai and then do a background check by contacting  any of their clients. We don’t intend to collect cash in a haphazard manner. The entire  fund collection process will be managed in a highly ethical, transparent, and professional manner   in compliance with legal stipulations. Each investor will receive   proof of  contribution. Such matters will be communicated in detail at the later stage.    

Q. How effective will be  the investor relationship management?

A. We   consider   business ethics, corporate governance, and transparency of operations  highly critical to  sustainable growth.  We will have a   Code of   Business Ethics which  will be continually  reviewed and  updated in response to emerging  situations.  Our Code is be built on a foundation of our core values & principles.  It  will cover an  extensive set of   behaviors for our people to put  our  credo   in action. We will provide   examples of how  our guidelines  shall apply to everyday work at  our operations. Our Ethics & Compliance program will  include  written standards and procedures; training and communications; visible support of senior leadership; appropriate  monitoring  &  delegation of authority; auditing; consistent enforcement and discipline;  quick response;  and preventive measures. We are quite serious about the  IR  concept & its impact on business. We  greatly value  open, meaningful, and effective  dialogue with  investors. We believe in honest and timely communication to share information and ideas. We will  maintain multiple channels  to achieve this. All investors can freely express their opinions and   send their feedback to the management committee.  A special team will be  created for feedback gathering and analysis. The project  shall be adhering to a  set of   standardized guidelines for  fund  generation, fund application, and  compliance with relevant terms and conditions  proposed by  relevant authorities. We will  ensure that everything is transparent to sustain high investor confidence.  

In addition to  regular dialogue with our investor base,  we   shall be  employing  mechanisms to  responded to specific member requests and suggestions.

Q. How can the  investors expect effective and ethical running of the business?

A.  Part of the answer has been given above. The venture will be  governed by a  management committee selected on consensus.  Specific policies will be formulated to guide it.  Day-to-day affairs will be overseen by our group.   We  will be putting in place an effective operational plan, SOP & policy manuals to guide the staff. We will seek to  build  a  foundation for   a world-class  corporate governance  structure & principles to ensure highly transparent & effective management in future. All relevant matters and developments will be regularly communicated to all.

Q. Why  are you seeking to venture into  an uncommon territory at a time of  general  downturn ? 

A. This is a pessimistic query. We see the glass half full rather than half empty. We don’t view the current downturn a long-lasting phenomenon. It’s temporal. The four stages of economic cycles (Upturn, Boom, Recession, and Recovery) shall keep repeating.  Visionary  entrepreneurs always make bold moves. Daring ideas are like   smart moves of the chess. Look at United Technologies, the aerospace giant. It was founded In 1929, amid the Great Depression - the notorious year that the stock market crashed, spurring a 10-year global downturn. UT   still  remains  one of the most successful & admired companies.    We are venturing into the F&B industry with  confidence, because it keeps growing. According to market research firm Euromonitor International,  the UAE   F&B sector will grow to $13.2 billion  by 2018, at a healthy  growth rate. High growth rates witnessed over  the last five years are expected to continue over the 2014-19 period, with sales values expected to show an average 8 per cent annual growth, says  Euromonitor.

Q. Are you going to launch a chain from the beginning? And where will be  the first outlet located

A.  The plan is not to  open  multiple outlets  simultaneously and incur unwarranted  risks. We will move  only cautiously  with a scientific strategic plan, seeking  incremental growth without putting the  investors in any  sort of risk. Of course, we will  branch out to  all major cities in the GCC in the future. The first outlet will be opened in Abu Dhabi and the second will be in Dubai.  

Q. Can you brief  on your growth strategy?

A. Our strategy  is basically  encompassed by  a few  Strategic Pillars  that  will  sustain  all aspects of our business. We believe growth is a by-product in the pursuit of excellence,  and hence growth  for the sake of  growth is not a worthy goal. We  will  seek  integration  strategy.

Q. You talk about becoming a  world-class company. Can you explain  what basics you  would be adopting to  achieve it ? 

A. To be succinct,  this   will be  designed as an organization that meets the following critical  criteria that are the hallmarks of great companies :

  1. Performance. A great organization that generates enough cash flow (through highly profitable operations) to be self-sustaining.  It would also have a solid track record of meeting the objectives set by the leaders.
  2. Impact. A great organization that plays a significant leadership role in shaping its industry. It would be able to influence by innovative approach.
  3. Reputation.  A great organization that  is admired and respected by people outside its walls, and would be a role model.
  4. Longevity. A great organization with staying power, remaining healthy for decades. It would be a self-renewing institution whose greatness  can endure for generations of management.  

Challenges and Risks

We identify the following factors

  1. Unexpected / sudden macro-economic factors that may further deepen the general downturn, which could diminish the anticipated growth and profitability.
  2. Sudden changes in local rules or regulations that may delay or hamper the projet launch.
  3. Inflationary pressure that could cause to spiral costs.
  4. Cheap, greedy copycats cropping up to challenge
  5. Some joining investors making unreasonable demands that may cause delay or operational snags
  6. Continuously sourcing the required organic products from different parts of the world all the year round in order to maintain unsurpassed quality
  7. Consistenly creating stakeholder values
  8. Creating the most satisfied customers to fuel growth
  9. Setting the best examples in hospitality

Track record

Both the promoters existing companies ( socotra sea food & AAA logistics) have been achieving steady growth for the past many years. AAA is now in expansion mode with the addition of a new warehouse @ JAFZA.
Both companies thrive on ethical practices, dedicated customer focus, and continuous innovation. The progress achieved by them over the years is ample proof of their business acumen and sagacity.


Ashraf mohammed


Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Team Members


Email :

Phone : +971504433805

Address : Managing Director Socotra Sea Food LLC. DIP, DUBAI Post Box: 114877

He has been engaged in Sea Food business for over 20 years. His Co. “Socotra Sea Foods” ( excellent reputation.

  • Category 1


    Food Coupon worth $ 200 valid for one year

    100 Offer Left


  • Category 2


    Return of the sum with 10% profit upon completion of one year. Plus a bonus of  $ 50 worth Food Coupon, valid for  one year.

    100 Offer Left


  • Category 3


    Food  Coupon worth $ 350, valid for one year

    60 Offer Left


  • Category 4


    Return of  the sum with 10% profit  upon completion of one year plus a bonus of  $ 50 worth Food Coupon, valid for  one year.

    60 Offer Left


  • Category 5


    Each Investor will get a greeting 5% profit for 3 years from the company. Plus refund of  the invested sum in the third year.

    50 Offer Left


  • Category 6


    Each Investor will get a greeting 8% profit for 3 years from the company; plus refund of  the invested sum in the third year.   

    40 Offer Left


  • Category 7


    Each Investor will get a greeting 10% profit for 3 years from the company. Plus refund of  the invested sum in the third year. 

    30 Offer Left


  • Category 8


    Each Investor will get a 12% annual profit for 3 years from the company start date; plus refund of invested sum in the third year.

    15 Offer Left


  • Category 8


    Each Investor will become a shareholder with profit commensurate with the investment % 

    5 Offer Left


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