Cookery book: kubbeh

by Rafif Jijakli, from Amman, Jordan

GOAL $25000   

* Specialized cooking book " Kubbeh " * 112 different recipes from all over the Arab world * 15 own recipes * Includes full recipes with ingredients and colored photos * Unique book with no match in the market * Can be used as a reference for chefs and housewives as well for food amateurs

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Project Description

This is a unique and valuable cooking book which will be a great add to the cooking library and will be an important reference to the art of Kubbeh preparation and recipes preservation as there is no other book available in the market that assembled these traditional recipes.
on the other hand it is an important book to those who have high taste for this kind of food as it includes 112 different recipes  out of which 15 own recipes never introduced to the public before.
it is a big effort to introduce such a book compiled from all over the Arab world that took special attention and care to produce it in the best appealing and yet easiest way between the hands of those with the finest taste.

How fund will utilize

We intended to print 5000 copies as the 1st edition, each copy will cost 5 USD which brings the total to 25000 USD.
the book consistent of around 200 pages with colored photo on each page.

Risks and Challenges

* Challenges:
There are no real challenges worth mentioning.

* Risks:
1- 90 days will not be enough to conclude the full cycle of printing, publishing and selling the books

Project FAQs

Q- where will the book be printed?
A- in jordan.

Q- where will the book be sold?
A- mainly the Arab countries and could be extended to all over the world.

Q- Who would be interested in this book?
A- Chefs , housewives , cooking armatures and Arab immigrants.

Q- What makes this book special?
A- no other book like it available in the market and could be used as a reference.

Q- How will it be distributed?
A- through publishing house in Jordan.


Rafif Jijakli


Amman, Jordan

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