Buckscapital , a UAE based crowdfunding network is promoted by a team of experts who made their presence successfully felt in the field of IT, investments and real estate and also are the eminent partners in the development of great projects in UAE. Now the team is up for another prospective and inspiring project BUCKSCAPITAL – a crowd funding platform.

The financial crisis of 2008 had paralyzed the economic stability worldwide.To make the matters more worse banks and business establishments were reworked their lending policies to a disappointing level. Even now its impact is evident in the entrepreneurial sectors. In the wake of this prevailing situation crowdfunding is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Crowdfunding is the solicitation of funds (small amount) from multiple investors through a web based platform or social networking sites for a specific project, business venture or social cause. Crowd funding is the alternative method for entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, ventures and non- profits to invite funds. In general it is the pooling of small amounts of money from a group of people that share your passion.

Bucks capital provides you ample support in each phase of the evolution of your project including finding the suitable investors to fund your project. With the introduction of this universal platform We aim the most vibrant and fruitful accomplishments to take place here which could in turn strengthen the global entrepreneurial environs. The motto is a solid base for everlasting success in capital marketing.

Buckscapital Support System

For entrepreneur
  1. We help the new endeavors to get access to the investors.
  2. Potential ambience for start ups
  3. Trigger launching campaign
  4. Facilitate to gain market validation and exposure of their project
  5. Direct access to investors resource
  6. Help to create project report
  7. Give certified mark which attract more investors

For Investors
  1. Allow investors to tap broader network of ventures for enhanced deal flow
  2. With authenticated projects by a team of experts investors get reliable and genuine projects
  3. Get notification about a new project
  4. Secure payment gate way facility
  5. Updates on funded projects.