Investors FAQ

What is Buckscapital?

Buckscapital is UAE based online crowdfunding platform which intend to help the upcoming entrepreneurs to find ample source of fund for their projects and ideas. It also provide a reliable platform for investors to make investment in new ideas.

How does works? solicit funds (small amount) from multiple investors through their web-based platform for specific projects, business ventures or social cause. Anyone who wants to bring their idea in to life can submit their project. As the initial step, Creator or entrepreneur sets their goal and deadline. Interested creditors or investors will pledge money.

Who is Crowd?

The crowd is made up of anyone who wants to invest in businesses they believe in. Typically it is made up of an SME’s family, friends, fans, social networks and general public and come together to give donations for the idea, project or business through online platform.

What do backers get in return?

Backers or Investors will get unique rewards offered by the creator.                                                                                                  

What are fees?

If the creator achieves the goal charges 5% and not reaching the goal, we will refund the collected money to the contributors and not charge any fees. The third party fees not refundable

How do I know whether the platform is trustworthy?

We have a strong group of monitors and a strong security system for the sake of investors and entrepreneurs, and the monitors’ team will take relevant action if anything found against our rules and regulations.

Where can I ask my further doubts?

We have provided special space for entrepreneurs and investors. And you are free to upload any doubt regarding our service. Each registers users in will get a facility to contact buckscapital through their dashboard.

What is Buckscapital for?

Buckscapital is a wide online crowdfunding platform. Any project which have clear goal can upload in our platform.

Where do project come from?

Basically anyone who wish to bring their ideas in to life can have free access to platform. Each project is unique and novel. To know how to start visit get started page.

Why do people back project?

We have a wide network of successful investors who have admired and Inspired by the new ideas. If the project is attractive and unique and offering attractive rewards and profit definitely attract investors. Investing to new accomplishment will also help them to enhance their profile further.

Where do backers come from?

Though there is a large group of investors, the true support usually comes from fans and friends of each friends. Press, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and Buckscapital itself are also big sources of traffic and pledges.

What is crowdfunding for equity especially what is equity?

Equity crowdfunding or crowd investing is when the crowd (a group of investors made up of family, friends, public in general) invest money in a business through an online platform and in return receive a share of that business in line with the amount they invested.Time being not accepting any equity funding proposals.

What can the crowd do on

Investors are provided a list of new ventures. They can invest in any on them.

What should I consider when setting my funding goal?

Make a minimum funding goal to attain the goal.

What information should I share on my project page?

A project page should contain all the major information about a project. You should give the details about what are you trying to do, how you will do, the use of fund, complete profiles of the entire team of the project and also how far along are you to reach the goal.

Who is responsible for completing a project as promised?

The creator or the entrepreneur is responsible for the completion of the project. Buckscapital does not have any role in the development of the project.

How do backers know if a project will follow through?

Entrepreneurs will share the links and also the appropriate back ground information. Backers can contact the directly and request information.

How do I know an entrepreneur is who they claim they are?

If you get attracted to any project read through the description and watch the video to get a better sense of the person or team behind that project. From the creators profile or from the Facebook account you will get much information about them. And if you are not satisfy with the details you can send a personal message to the entrepreneur.

What should entrepreneur do if they're having problems completing their project?

If you face any problem in the development process, first you have to post a project update explaining the situation and share your story. If the problems are severe enough that the creator can't fulfill their project, creators need to find a solution and have to take further Steps which includes offering refunds, detailing exactly how funds were used, and other actions to satisfy backers. For more information, see our Terms of Use.

What is an entrepreneur obligated to do once their project is funded?

If the project is successfully funded entrepreneur have to complete the project as soon as possible and fulfil the reward. If one face any difficulty to complete the project and fulfill rewards, they must make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing the project to a satisfying conclusion for their backers.

Can refund the money if a project is unable to fulfill?

No, an online platform for the entrepreneur and investor and cannot refund the money, but the goal not achieved the funds will be refunded to the investor.

Why can't Buckscapital guarantee projects? is an online crowdfunding platform which helps entrepreneurs to find fund for their new project. Buckscapital introduces the project to a wide network of investors and enable a fine communication between the investors and entrepreneurs without any barriers and can’t guarantee the project

What does Buckscapital do to protect its community?

We have a team that monitors the system for suspicious activity. They take action if they find anything that does not align with our rules. For more information trust & safety page.

What does Buckscapital do to protect its community?

We have a team that monitors the system for suspicious activity. They take action if they find anything that does not align with our rules. For more information trust & safety page.

How can I Start a project?

Anyone who meet requirements can start a project with us. Click the start button to launch your project.

Who can use Buckscapital?

Investment option is available to everyone who wishes to support a project. Project creation is available to (mention the names of country or write all over the world). A project starter should be at least 18 years old and have a bank account and government issued ID card based in the country that the project is being created.

Can Buckscapital be used to fund anything?

Yes, will support any type of project but Prohibited business activities can relate to food (production and sales of alcoholic beverages including pubs and restaurants, pork products, tobacco), gambling (casinos, on-line gambling, betting, lottery schemes), adult oriented (video, magazines, on-line material, strip clubs), dubious, immoral and illicit trades (prostitution, drugs).

What are some things I should do before launching my project?

First of all you have to make a detailed budget for your project. Consider other projects in our site especially our staff picks.

What should I include on my project page?

Your project page should include all the details of your project such as the complete story of the project, project image, project video (if you have) and also the reward you intend to offer to your backer.

Is a video required to launch? How do I make a good one?

Video is not essential to launch a project. But it can boost the development process of the project. If you want to make a project video, try to make it at a much higher rate (50% vs 30%). We take the video file you upload and create a 640x480 (4:3 ratio) and for video encoding, use WMV format in Windows and on Mac, use H.264. In both cases, the key variable is the 'bit rate'

How do I include images or other media in my project description?

Your project image must be 1MB or less and one of the following file types: JPEG, PNG, or BMP and you can also embed videos and audio (from YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, Flickr, etc.)

What file type should I use for my project image?

Your project image must be of 1024x768 pixels (4:3 ratio) in JPEG, PNG, or BMP format. The maximum image size is 1MB.

What is the maximum project duration?

It can be 1-90 days but we recommended 60 days for a good project.

I'm collaborating on my project with others. Can we all be listed as the project entrepreneur?

You cannot open different account. On a single account you can list your team.

What does estimated delivery date mean?

It is the date you expected to deliver the reward to your investors.

What can be offered as a reward?

You can offer anything to make your investors happy and satisfied. It can be a copy of the CD, a print from the show, product of your company, profit of company. There is no limitation.

Is there a way to limit the quantity of a reward?

Yes. You can make a limit to the quantity of a reward.

Is there a maximum reward tier value?

There is no limit for the reward, but it must be genuine and realistic

How do I charge shipping on my rewards?

In general, the shipping charge is the cost to mail your backers their rewards (postage, envelopes, etc.) As you build your rewards, buckscapital team will contact you to specify global shipping costs, and shipping to certain countries.

I don't want to ship internationally. How do I limit reward shipping?

You can configure your reward tiers so that you’re only shipping within your own country

Can projects raise more than their goal?

Yes. It is called stretch goal. As in normal project funds are collected whether stretch goals are met or not, as long as the project has met its funding goal. But stretch goals are not right for every project. If you want to make a stretch goal, it is important to inform your backers.

Can funding be canceled?

Buckscapital can cancel the funding. Creator need to contact admin for this,And when funding is canceled, all pledges are immediately cancelled

Can I run more than one project at once?

We not permit entrepreneurs to run multiple project. We recommend selecting one that's most developed and trying that first.

How do I know someone won't steal my idea?

You have to be open and share your ideas. But your whole details are approachable only for your backer.

Can my project page be in any language?

No, you can only use English

Can a nonprofit or charity organization use Buckscapital?

Yes they can use our platform, but appropriate approval required from the authorized authorities

How can I run a project as a nonprofit?

Nonprofit entities are welcome, UAE based nonprofit or charity organization to up load request for donation and charitable contribution from any person or charitable organization in UAE with the consent of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activity Department. It is banned to collect donations or advertise fundraising campaigns without prior written approval from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department

How long does a project remain on Buckscapital?


Can I use copyrighted material as part of my project?

There are some restrictions. Don't use music, images, video, or other content that you don't have the rights to.

Who can get funding from Buckscapital?

If you own a business or business proposal need extra funding or startup fund to grow then join us at and sign up here.

Is crowdfunding right for my company?

Buckscapital is ready to assist any venture at its beginning stage and developing stage.

Do I have to be based in a specific country to submit a funding proposal?

No, the company can be based almost anywhere. is a global platform providing a global solution for businesses and investors to connect online. Middle East region we anticipate, the initial interest will start here.

How much do I need to raise?

It depends up on the nature of your project. We provide only an online platform to raise fund.

Does Buckscapital decide if a funding proposal has investment potential or is worth uploading on the website? What are your considerations when evaluating business ideas?

Once you upload project, evaluation team will evaluate each project and decide

Can I increase or decrease my target amount?

No. you cannot change the target amount

Can I edit the proposal after launch?

Yes you can. But you cannot increase the amount to be raised or reduce the amount of equity being given away. You will be advised as to these restrictions when you progress to the second stage and are required to sign up to the entrepreneurs Terms of Business.

How do I decide how much to offer as reward or partnership in my business?

It’s totally up to you. We provide necessary guidance and support.

What is a valuation? How do I decide how much my business is valued at?

A valuation is how much you project your company is worth. The valuation of your company is based on many factors

I have decided I want to raise money- how do I put my funding proposal online?

Sign up

  1. Tell us about your company, upload relevant documents including business plan and financial forecasts and a video.
  2. Determine how much you want to raise, the amount of equity you will provide and what your terms and conditions will be.
  3. Checks your funding proposal goes live on for 90 days.
  4. You will then reach out to your fan base, social networks and clients to help achieve your funding goal.
  5. The crowd can ask you questions, comment and challenge the assumptions of your proposal – you will need to answer, respond and be active to help you reach your goal.
  6. If you reach your funding target then arranges transfer of funds to your account

What do I need to upload a funding proposal onto Buckscapital?

Once you have completed our evaluation, you will be asked to provide documents and information that will support your funding proposal. We recommend you provide as much of the following as possible:

  1. Business plan
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Financial forecasts
  4. Proof of incorporation and
  5. A video presentation explaining who you are, what you do and why you need the money

Can I pause my funding proposal while I’m creating it?

Yes. You can do that at any time.

Can the funding period close before the funding?

Yes, if you’ve reached your funding goal.

What responsibility do I have during the proposal?

First of all you must provide clear, honest answers to any questions or comments being raised. And you have a legal responsibility to be acting truthfully and with integrity at all times.

Can I increase or decrease my target amount?

No. you cannot change the target amount

Can I edit the proposal after launch?

Yes you can. But you cannot increase the amount to be raised or reduce the amount of equity being given away.You will be advised as to these restrictions when you progress to the second stage and are required to sign up to the entrepreneurs Terms of Business.

What should I consider when setting my funding goal?

Make a minimum funding goal to attain the goal.

What information should I share on my project page?

A project page should contain all the major information about a project. You should give the details about what are you trying to do, how you will do, the use of fund, complete profiles of the entire team of the project and also how far along are you to reach the goal.

How long does it take to build and launch a project?

It depends on how much work has been done ahead of time.

Does review projects before launch?

Yes. It is very essential to make the project more reliable. Our team uses an algorithm incorporating thousands of data points to check whether a project is ready to launch.

What happens if a project doesn't qualify for Launch Now?

The creator is asked to share the project with the our staff for a manual review and if the project violates our rules, it is not allowed to launch.

If I submit my project for feedback, who will review it? How does this process work?

We have a special team to review it and they will inform and give some tips.

How long does it take to hear back after I've submitted my project?

It takes only 1 week

What should projects do if they don’t meet rules?

We cannot accept such project

Where can I track my project’s progress?

Project’s dashboard contains up-to-the-minute stats about your funding progress

Can a project be edited after launching?

Yes. Except the following

  1. Funding goal
  2. Project deadline
  3. Buckscapital profile name
  4. Rewards tiers that have already been selected by a backer

Can I change the estimated delivery date for my reward?

You can only if no backers have selected the rewarded tier.

What is my responsibility for answering questions from backers and non- backers?

It the way they can reach out during the course of the project. So you have to consider all the doubts of your backers and sometimes non- backers too.

If I am unable to complete my project as promised, what should I do?

You need to cancel it as soon as possible. If you are unable to fulfill all of your project’s rewards, you should make every reasonable effort to find another way of bringing your project to a satisfying conclusion for backers.

How does a project make it onto the homepage or become the Project of the Day?

Our editorial team selects projects from Staff Picks to include in the homepage rotation and we choose a single project to feature as our Project of the Day.

Where can I keep track of my pledges?

In investor dashboard statistics. You can track all your project.

How can I change my payment method before funding ends?

While doing payment there you can choice which payment method you have to use.

How can I change my reward selection?

Go back and change your selection

How can I change my pledge amount?

During payment only you can change the amount.

How do I know when rewards for a project will be delivered?

Check the project's updates or comments to see if the creator has indicated when they plan to deliver rewards.

I haven't gotten my reward yet. What do I do?

Check for project updates that may explain what happened. If you do not get enough information send a message to them.

What is the identity verification process? Why is it required?

It ensure the real person behind it and also protects you by preventing someone else from running a project under your name.

I’m launching a project with a group of people or a company. Who should complete the identity verification process?

The identity verification process has to be completed by a single person.

If my project is successfully funded how do I receive my funds?

There is a 20-day window for collecting and processing pledges. Once the 20-day window has passed, funds will automatically be transferred directly to your bank account.

Can I retry my project if funding is unsuccessful?

Yes .But with a new goal. For that click on the green “Start a project” button and start building.

What happens if a backer's credit card is declined?

Their pledge is displayed with an eroded status in your Backer Report.

What do I do if I miss my Estimated Delivery Date?

It is important to inform the investors. So creators are expected to post a project update explaining the situation and sharing the story, speed bumps and all.

What are the tax implications of using Buckscapital?

Generally all our services tax free because in UAE THERE IS NO TAX

Is the financial information that I share secure?

They are not shared publicly and this page is protected by an industry-standard software protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts your personal information.

What type of bank account can I use to set up my project?

The bank account should belong to the person running the project and account should be able to support direct deposit.

How do I pledge?

Log in to your account. There you can see an option “Back This Project. There you can enter your amount. Select a reward tier, if it involves shipping include additional pledging amount and edit credit card details

What forms of payment can I use to make a pledge?

You can use Debit or credit card associated with Visa, MasterCard, or bank transfer

Can I pledge using direct debit as my payment method?

Contributors from UAE and GCC can direct debit as their payment method.

Can I pay with a check? Send cash by mail?

Only bank transfer and credit card payments is allowed in Buckscapital platform.

Can I pledge with PayPal?

Through our payment gateway

How secure is it to pledge on Buckscapital?

Partners with Brick, industry standard for security ensure the security and Buckscapital does not save full credit card numbers.

When is my card charged?

Your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged.

Do I get notified if a project I'm backing succeeds?

You will be informed via email

Is my pledge amount publicly displayed?

No your pledge amount is visible only to creator

If I make a pledge, what information does the project creator receive?

Your Account name, amount, reward, email address

What if I want to pledge anonymously?

We don’t have such feature

How do I know a project creator is who they claim they are?

Read through the project description watch the video. In the creator bio section of each project, you can find additional resources like links to websites, relevant background information, and in some cases, a connected Facebook account.

What happens when a project is overfunded?

It depends on the project. It lets the creator put that money back into the project to create something better for the backers and themselves

Who is responsible for fulfilling the promises of a project?

Creator or the entrepreneur

Can I pledge to projects internationally?


Is my pledge tax deductible?

No in UAE no tax

What currency will my pledge be collected in?